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The World's Best Earphone Under Rs 1000 (20$)

The Sennheiser CX 180 is best earphones in the world under 1000 Rs according to, sound quality and comfort fit. It is meant for extended use and designed to make you enjoy the mind-blowing bass effects with its bass-driven stereo output. On the design front, it has a stellar design.

The headphones are portable and can be easily carried around. This headphone has an in-ear make. This makes sure that no audio is lost while listening, thereby escalating the listening experience by a couple of notches. The soft ear buds allow a more stable and comfortable wearing experience.

The headphone is comfortable even at loud volumes and does not cause strain or headaches. The low-frequency sounds are well recognizable from mid and high-frequency sounds which result in a fuller, thicker and complete audio experience. It features passive attenuation of ambient noise, which improves audio quality. It’s come with 2-year warranty. The one and only disadvantage of the earphone is, it comes without mic.

CX 180 Street II
In the Ear
Black, Grey
16 ohm
20 Hz – 20000 Hz
110 dB/mW
2 Years
Other sound features
Bass-driven Stereo Sound, High Passive Attenuation of Ambient Noise, Active Noise Cancellation

How to Limit Number of Post in Blogger Search

Hi guys, after a long time now I'm active with my smartpik. This time, smartpik will give you a simple tip to limit the number of posts appear when you are searching in blogger search

This is an easy trick. You have to follow some simple steps. Ok! let's start

First of all, as usual, Open your blog in Blogger go to templates section click on the Edit HTML, Now you can see the cool simple single page blogger code. 

Then search for the search-box form from your blog. And that code looks like the below code.
<form id="searchbox" method="get" action="/search" autocomplete="off">
<input name="q" type="text" size="15" placeholder="Enter keywords here..." />
<input id="button-submit" type="submit" value=" "/>
After that add the highlighted code into your code.
<form id="searchbox" method="get" action="/search" autocomplete="off">
<input name="q" type="text" size="15" placeholder="Enter keywords here..." />
<input name='max-results' type='hidden' value='7'/>
<input id="button-submit" type="submit" value=" "/>
The value 7 is the number of posts that shown when anyone searches anything on your page. You can change that into your wish. It is simple editing and it works perfectly.

That's it. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks. Thanks for reading!!!

Why Google Switching To HTML5 from Flash ?

Google has been in favour of replacing Flash with HTML5, that allows quicker load times, lower power consumption and an overall richer experience. Flash had been excluded from Google’s advertising network already, and now everything on Google Chrome will be supported by HTML5.

Hyper Text Markup Language 5 (HTML5) is used to create websites and media content that is generally very light and fast. But, Flash uses to support things like page analytics, that make the processing speed slow and worsens the user experience.

Now users needed to download the plugin to view the flash content. But in the case of HTML5 it works without downloading any additional plugin to view the content. And HTML5 works on smartphones and devices that do not even support Flash.

From September, the latest version Google Chrome 53 will begin to block any flash content on its application. Google’s blog mentions, “HTML5 is much lighter and faster, and publishers are switching over to speed up page loading and save you more battery life. You’ll see an improvement in responsiveness and efficiency for many sites.”

If you’re on Google Chrome, you might have to say bye-bye to your favourite websites that use Flash content only, unless you are okay with enabling Flash every time. This will also affect millions of people who play games and just browse content supported by Flash.

From December 2016, Chrome 55 will make HTML5 the default experience, except for websites that only use Flash. From 2017, you’ll be prompted to enable flash one a one-by-one basis, depending on the website, since all websites will be HTML5 by default.

Google is also encouraging developers to switch to HTML5 from Flash as it sees a lot of advantages. If you’re not happy with this decision from Google, you can definitely switch to other browsers like Opera Mini and Firefox that use Flash by default.

Box Social Media Plugin for Blogger

Hai Friends! Today I'm going to share a new social media plugin for the blogger. This plugin helps you to serve your social media links in an attractive look on your blogger sidebar. 

For those, who want to try this plugin make sure to take a look at this plugin by clicking on the below demo button.
Now if you like it and want to install it on your own blog then, simply follow the below simple steps and install it without any problem.

At the first, go to the blogger dashboard, Go to the "Template" section and then click on the "Edit Html" button.

This widget uses font Awesome , There for add the following CSS link above </head> tag:
<link href='//' rel='stylesheet'/>
Then copy and paste the below code before ]]></b:skin> tag:
/* Social Media Box Widget */.sidebarbox-info h4{background:transparent;position:relative;padding:0;margin:0;border:0;text-align:center;font-size:120%;}.sidebarbox-img{position:relative;max-height:140px;overflow:hidden}.sidebarbox-img img {width:100%;transition:all .6s;}.sidebarbox-img:hover img{transform:scale(1.2) rotate(-10deg)}.sidebarbox-img:before{content:'';background:rgba(0,0,0,0.3);position:absolute;top:0;left:0;right:0;bottom:0;z-index:2;transition:all .3s}.sidebarbox-img:hover:before{background:rgba(0,0,0,0.6);}.aboutfloat-img{width:55%;position:absolute;top:35%;bottom:35%;left:22.5%;z-index:3}.sidebarbox-float{text-align:center;display:table;width:100%;height:100%}.sidebarbox-float a{background:transparent;color:#fff;padding:8px 14px;z-index:2;display:table-cell;width:100%;font-size:90%;text-transform:uppercase;vertical-align:middle;border:2px solid #fefefe;border-radius:3px;transition:all .3s}.sidebarbox-float:hover a{background:#e74c3c;color:#fff;border-color:transparent;}.sidebarbox-float a i{font-weight:normal;margin:0 5px 0 0}.sidebarbox-wrpicon{display:block;margin:15px auto;position:relative;}.sidebarbox-wrpicon .extender{width:100%;display:block;}.extender{text-align:center;font-size:16px}.extender .sidebarbox-icon{display:inline-block;border:0;margin:0;padding:0;width:32%;}.extender .sidebarbox-icon a{background:#ccc;display:inline-block;font-weight:400;color:#fff;padding:0 12px;line-height:32px;border-radius:3px;font-size:12px;width:70%;}.extender .sidebarbox-icon i{font-family:fontawesome;margin:0 3px 0 0}.sidebarbox-icon.fbl a{background:#3b5998}.sidebarbox-icon.twitt a{background:#19bfe5}.sidebarbox-icon.crcl a{background:#d64136}.sidebarbox-icon.fbl a:hover,.sidebarbox-icon.twitt a:hover,.sidebarbox-icon.crcl a:hover{background:#404040}.extender .sidebarbox-icon:hover a,.extender .sidebarbox-icon a:hover{color:#fff;}.sidebarbox-info{margin:10px 0 0 0;font-size:13px;text-align:center;}.sidebarbox-info p{margin:0px 0}.sidebarbox-info h4{margin-bottom:10px;font-size:16px;text-transform:uppercase;color:#444;font-weight:700;border-bottom:2px solid #e73138;padding:5px;}
Now go to the "Layout" section. Click on the add a widget option. (According to your need). Select Html/JavaScript from the popup menu. Add the below Html code in the Html/javascript box.
<div class='sidebarbox-img'>
        <img class="img-responsive" height="auto" src="" width="300" />
        <div class='aboutfloat-img'><span class='sidebarbox-float'><a href='#' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' title='Join Our Site'><i class='fa fa-user'></i> Join Our Site</a></span></div>
    <div class='sidebarbox-info'>
      <p>Sharing Techniques</p>
    <div class='sidebarbox-wrpicon'>
      <ul class='extender'>
        <li class='sidebarbox-icon fbl'>
          <a href='' target='_blank' title='Follow Our Facebook'><i class='fa fa-facebook fa-fw'></i> Like</a>
        <li class='sidebarbox-icon twitt'>
          <a href='' target='_blank' title='Follow Our Twitter'><i class='fa fa-twitter fa-fw'></i> Follow</a>
        <li class='sidebarbox-icon crcl'>
          <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' title='Follow Our Google+'><i class='fa fa-google-plus fa-fw'></i> Circle</a>
Then replace the highlighted codes with your picture, blog title, description, and links to your social media accounts.

That's it! I hope you like this plugin! Stay tuned for more cool plugins like this! Thanks for reading!

Auto Scrolling Recent Posts Bar Plugin with Thumbnail & Date for Blogger

Add new and responsive auto scrolling recent posts bar plugin with Thumbnail & Date in Blogspot blog - Hey guy's I'm back with a new Blogspot plug, called Recent post bar. This plugin will help you to show the recent posts of your blog in a very stylish way. This bar plugin is not like others, the best part of this plugin is that it will show the thumbnail of the post with date and the Author name.

For those, who want to try this plugin make sure to take a look at this plugin by clicking on the below demo button.
Now if you like it and want to install it on your own blog then, simply follow the below simple steps and install it without any problem.

At the first, go to the blogger dashboard, Go to the "Template" section and then click on the "Edit Html" button.

Now copy the below CSS code and paste it just before ]]></b:skin>
/* CSS News Ticker */.ticker-wrap{display:block;text-align:center;margin:20px auto 0 auto;padding:2px;background:#fefefe;border:1px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.1);border-left:5px solid #3cc091}.ticker-wrap>span{display:inline-block;background:#fefefe;padding:0;font:700 13px 'roboto',sans-serif;}.ticker-wrap>span>a{color:#222;text-decoration:none}#ticker{height:45px;overflow:hidden;background:#fefefe;text-align:left}
#ticker ul{padding:0;margin:0;list-style:none}
#ticker ul li{height:45px;white-space:nowrap}
#ticker ul li img{float:left;width:35px;height:35px;margin:5px 7px 5px 5px}
#ticker ul li h3{margin:0;font:700 16px 'roboto',sans-serif}
#ticker ul li h3 a{color:#333;text-decoration:none;line-height:25px!important}
#ticker ul li .tickermeta{font:400 13px 'roboto',sans-serif;line-height:20px!important;color:#999}
After that, copy the below JavaScript code and paste it just before </body>.
<script type='text/javascript'>//<![CDATA[// News tickerfunction getauthor(t){for(var e=0;e<t.length;e++)var i=t[e].name.$t;return i}function getmeta(t){var e=[];e[1]="Jan",e[2]="Feb",e[3]="Mar",e[4]="Apr",e[5]="May",e[6]="Jun",e[7]="Jul",e[8]="Aug",e[9]="Sep",e[10]="Oct",e[11]="Nov",e[12]="Dec";var i=t.substring(0,4),a=t.substring(5,7),n=t.substring(8,10),r=e[parseInt(a,10)]+" "+n+" "+i;return r}function arlinadesignTicker(t){var e=document.querySelector("#ticker"),i=t.feed.entry,a="<ul id='ticket-wrapper-inner'>";if(i){for(var n=0;n<i.length;n++){for(var r=i[n],s=0;s<;s++)if("alternate"[s].rel){var[s].href;break}try{var o='<img src="'$thumbnail.url+'"/>'}catch(t){var o=""}var u=r.title.$t,c=getauthor(,d=getmeta(r.published.$t);a+="<li>"+o+'<h3><a href="'+l+'">'+u+'</a></h3><div class="tickermeta"><span>'+c+"</span> - <span>"+d+"</span></div></li>"}a+="</ul>",e.innerHTML=a}$("#ticker").vTicker()}!function(t){var e={speed:700,pause:4e3,showItems:1,mousePause:!0,height:0,animate:!0,margin:0,padding:0,startPaused:!1},i={moveUp:function(t,e){i.animate(t,e,"up")},moveDown:function(t,e){i.animate(t,e,"down")},animate:function(e,i,a){var n=e.itemHeight,r=e.options,s=e.element,l=s.children("ul"),o="up"===a?"li:first":"li:last";s.trigger("vticker.beforeTick");var u=l.children(o).clone(!0);if(0<r.height&&(n=l.children("li:first").height()),n+=r.margin+2*r.padding,"down"===a&&l.css("top","-"+n+"px").prepend(u),i&&i.animate){if(e.animating)return;e.animating=!0,l.animate("up"===a?{top:"-="+n+"px"}:{top:0},r.speed,function(){t(l).children(o).remove(),t(l).css("top","0px"),e.animating=!1,s.trigger("vticker.afterTick")})}else l.children(o).remove(),l.css("top","0px"),s.trigger("vticker.afterTick");"up"===a&&u.appendTo(l)},nextUsePause:function(){var e=t(this).data("state"),i=e.options;e.isPaused||2>e.itemCount||,{animate:i.animate})},startInterval:function(){var e=t(this).data("state"),a=this;e.intervalId=setInterval(function(){},e.options.pause)},stopInterval:function(){var e=t(this).data("state");e&&(e.intervalId&&clearInterval(e.intervalId),e.intervalId=void 0)},restartInterval:function(){,}},a={init:function(n){;var r=jQuery.extend({},e);n=t.extend(r,n);var r=t(this),s={itemCount:r.children("ul").children("li").length,itemHeight:0,itemMargin:0,element:r,animating:!1,options:n,isPaused:n.startPaused?!0:!1,pausedByCode:!1};t(this).data("state",s),r.css({overflow:"hidden",position:"relative"}).children("ul").css({position:"absolute",margin:0,padding:0}).children("li").css({margin:n.margin,padding:n.padding}),isNaN(n.height)||0===n.height?(r.children("ul").children("li").each(function(){var e=t(this);e.height()>s.itemHeight&&(s.itemHeight=e.height())}),r.children("ul").children("li").each(function(){t(this).height(s.itemHeight)}),r.height((s.itemHeight+(n.margin+2*n.padding))*n.showItems+n.margin)):r.height(n.height);var l=this;n.startPaused||,n.mousePause&&r.bind("mouseenter",function(){!0!==s.isPaused&&(s.pausedByCode=!0,,,!0))}).bind("mouseleave",function(){(!0!==s.isPaused||s.pausedByCode)&&(s.pausedByCode=!1,,!1),})},pause:function(e){var i=t(this).data("state");if(i){if(2>i.itemCount)return!1;i.isPaused=e,i=i.element,e?(t(this).addClass("paused"),i.trigger("vticker.pause")):(t(this).removeClass("paused"),i.trigger("vticker.resume"))}},next:function(e){var a=t(this).data("state");if(a){if(a.animating||2>a.itemCount)return!1;,i.moveUp(a,e)}},prev:function(e){var a=t(this).data("state");if(a){if(a.animating||2>a.itemCount)return!1;,i.moveDown(a,e)}},stop:function(){t(this).data("state")&&},remove:function(){var e=t(this).data("state");e&&(,e=e.element,e.unbind(),e.remove())}};t.fn.vTicker=function(e){return a[e]?a[e].apply(this,,1)):"object"!=typeof e&&e?void t.error("Method "+e+" does not exist on jQuery.vTicker"):a.init.apply(this,arguments)}}(jQuery),$(function(){var t=document.createElement("script");t.src="http://"+$(".ticker-wrap").data("domain")+"/feeds/posts/summary?alt=json&callback=arlinadesignTicker",t.type="text/javascript",document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0].appendChild(t)});//]]></script>
Note:- Add the below css code to make this plugin responsive just after @media only screen and (max-width:640px) (Not Required).
.artabs-menu li span,.top-menunavi li.infoarlina,.top-menunavi li.searchbutton,.ticker-wrap {display:none;}}
Click on the save template button to apply these changes.

Now go to the "Layout" section. Click on the add a widget option. (According to your need). Select Html/JavaScript from the popup menu. Add the below Html code in the Html/javascript box.
<div class='ticker-wrap' data-domain=''>
<div id='ticker'>
Click on the orange save button then, refresh your blog and see the magic. Note: Don't forget to replace the above-highlighted text with your own blog URL.

That's it! I hope you like this plugin! Stay tuned for more cool plugins like this! Thanks for reading!

Sidebar Featured Posts Slider for Blogger

Hai Friends, Today I'm going to share a new blogger plugin. Everyone wants to show their best posts on the home page through a featured post widget. One of the best ways to display the featured post is using the slider plugin. There is so many sliders are available on the web and today I'm sharing a premium looking responsive featured post slider for the sidebar.
You can also use this plugin for displaying ads or any other contents on your blogs sidebar. First of all, go to your blogger dashboard and navigate to the Template section and click Edit HTML. Then add the below CSS code before the </head> tag.
<style type='text/css'>#slide{height:auto}#slidepager{width:auto;margin:0 auto;text-align:center;display:block!important}#slidepager&gt;span{display:inline-block;width:10px;height:10px;margin:10px 5px 0;background:rgba(0,0,0,.2);text-align:center;border-radius:100%;font-size:17px;text-decoration:none;transition:background .3s linear 0s;cursor:pointer}#slidecontent{margin:0 auto;transition:opacity .3s linear 0s;color:#AAA;background:#fff;border:1px solid #dedede;-moz-border-radius:3px;-webkit-border-radius:3px;border-radius:3px;position:relative;overflow:hidden;height:auto}.slidepanel{width:100%;padding:10px 15px 15px;-moz-box-sizing:border-box;word-wrap:break-word;-webkit-box-sizing:border-box;box-sizing:border-box}.slidepanel&gt;h2{text-align:left;font-size:20px;font-weight:bold;line-height:1.2em;color:#333;margin:0 auto 10px;text-transform:capitalize;padding:0!important}.slidepanel&gt;p,.slidepanel&gt;span{font-size:14px;font-weight:normal;line-height:1.2em;color:#777;margin:10px 0 0!important}.slidepanel a{color:#333;text-decoration:none;font-weight:700;transition:all .4s ease-out}#slide:hover .slidepanel a{color:#e8554e}.slideimage{width:100%;height:200px;margin:0;padding:0;position:relative}.slideimage img{width:100%;height:100%;margin-bottom:-4px}.clear{clear:both}.bounceInLeft{-webkit-animation-name:bounceInLeft;animation-name:bounceInLeft;-webkit-animation-duration:1s;animation-duration:1s;-webkit-animation-fill-mode:both;animation-fill-mode:both}@-webkit-keyframes bounceInLeft{0%,100%,60%,75%,90%{-webkit-transition-timing-function:cubic-bezier(.215,.61,.355,1);transition-timing-function:cubic-bezier(.215,.61,.355,1)}0%{opacity:0;-webkit-transform:translate3d(-3000px,0,0);transform:translate3d(-3000px,0,0)}60%{opacity:1;-webkit-transform:translate3d(25px,0,0);transform:translate3d(25px,0,0)}75%{-webkit-transform:translate3d(-10px,0,0);transform:translate3d(-10px,0,0)}90%{-webkit-transform:translate3d(5px,0,0);transform:translate3d(5px,0,0)}100%{-webkit-transform:none;transform:none}}@keyframes bounceInLeft{0%,100%,60%,75%,90%{-webkit-transition-timing-function:cubic-bezier(.215,.61,.355,1);transition-timing-function:cubic-bezier(.215,.61,.355,1)}0%{opacity:0;-webkit-transform:translate3d(-3000px,0,0);transform:translate3d(-3000px,0,0)}60%{opacity:1;-webkit-transform:translate3d(25px,0,0);transform:translate3d(25px,0,0)}75%{-webkit-transform:translate3d(-10px,0,0);transform:translate3d(-10px,0,0)}90%{-webkit-transform:translate3d(5px,0,0);transform:translate3d(5px,0,0)}100%{-webkit-transform:none;transform:none}}</style>
And also add the below script before the </body> tag.
<script type='text/javascript'>
function _(e){return document.getElementById(e)}function pager(e){_("slidecontent").style.opacity=0;for(var n=0;n<ba.length;n++)ba[n].style.background="rgba(0,0,0,.2)";ba[e].style.background="rgba(0,0,0,.7)",setTimeout(function(){_("slidecontent").innerHTML=bca[e],_("slidecontent").style.opacity=1},300)}function bubbleSlide(){bi++,bi==ba.length&&(bi=0),pager(bi)}var ba,bi=0,intrvl;window.addEventListener("load",function(){ba=_("slidepager").children,intrvl=setInterval(bubbleSlide,7e3)});
After these two adding click the save template button. Then navigate to the blogger layout section. Now select Add a Gadget option from the sidebar of your layout and select HTML/JavaScript gadget.

Then copy and paste the below HTML code inside it and replace the highlighted lines in the code with yours.
<div id='slide'>
  <div id='slidecontent'>
      <div class="slideimage"><a href="#"><img height="200" src="Image URL" width="300"/></a></div><div class="slidepanel"><h2><a href="#">Post Title</a></h2></div><div class="clear"></div>
      var bca = [
        '<div class="slideimage bounceInLeft"><a href="#"><img height="200" src="Image URL" width="300"/></a></div><div class="slidepanel bounceInLeft"><h2><a href="#">Post Title</a></h2></div><div class="clear"></div>',
        '<div class="slideimage bounceInLeft"><a href="#"><img height="200" src="Image URL" width="300"/></a></div><div class="slidepanel bounceInLeft"><h2><a href="#">Post Title</a></h2></div><div class="clear"></div>',
        '<div class="slideimage bounceInLeft"><a href="#"><img height="200" src="Image URL" width="300"/></a></div><div class="slidepanel bounceInLeft"><h2><a href="#">Post Title</a></h2></div><div class="clear"></div>',
        '<div class="slideimage bounceInLeft"><a href="#"><img height="200" src="Image URL" width="300"/></a></div><div class="slidepanel bounceInLeft"><h2><a href="#">Post Title</a></h2></div><div class="clear"></div>',
        '<div class="slideimage bounceInLeft"><a href="#"><img height="200" src="Image URL" width="300"/></a></div><div class="slidepanel bounceInLeft"><h2><a href="#">Post Title</a></h2></div><div class="clear"></div>'
  <div id='slidepager'>
    <span onclick='pager(0); clearInterval(intrvl);' style='background:rgba(0,0,0,.7);'></span>
    <span onclick='pager(1); clearInterval(intrvl);'></span>
    <span onclick='pager(2); clearInterval(intrvl);'></span>
    <span onclick='pager(3); clearInterval(intrvl);'></span>
    <span onclick='pager(4); clearInterval(intrvl);'></span>
In this above code, you can see 6 different featured post sections (1+5). Note that add the same URLs in the first two highlighted codes for the correct working of this plugin.

The best image resolution for this plugin is 300px x 200px. After all, see the results on your blog. Thanks for reading!

4 Simple Tips to Write a SEO Friendly Article

Writing articles on the online platform takes more than just writing ability, to some extent also, should understand the techniques of SEO ( search engine optimization ) so that the resulting paper to get good rankings in search engines.

Even so writing SEO articles that user does not have to implement SEO techniques blindly. One thing that is not less important is the natural side of the article. Because that becomes your reader is a human, not a machine. So that the article remains shall be governed by the rules of good writing and correct. Only with a touch of SEO techniques.

Here are 4 tips to write articles SEO friendly without having to abandon the human side of the article.

Apply your keywords in the beginning of the title of the article

After getting keywords, Make the titles as possible preceded by the keyword. For example, Blogger popular posts plugin, Blogger templates. You are free to modify and combine keyword title but try not to get the suffix or prefix that makes its structure changed.

Keyword placement

After making the title with keywords, next, make sure the keywords are in the first line of the article. A little extra information, almost all search engines display only the first 160 characters articles on search results pages.

So it is highly recommended putting keywords in the first sentence of the article. If you use an SEO plugin, similar techniques should also be applied in the description field. Since the content in this column will be read by search engines.

In addition, keywords are also strongly advised to put in each paragraph. But this way risk losing the natural side of the article, so the application needs to be reduced, especially when the number of characters in your paragraphs shorter.

Use keywords and subtitles

Subtitles easier for the reader to examine each of the parts of the article. If the article consists of long text and to review more than one discussion. For this part, you use the keyword is a called LSI keyword or Latent Semantic Keyword, is the key word that resembles the main word.

For example, we had major keywords blogger plugins tips themes, LSI keywords it can blogger plugins, blogger tips, blogger themes, and others. If you've tried to guide research keywords, you can certainly find some related keywords can give you an idea.

Note the depth of keyword

One way that "allegedly" is used by Google to show search results in their search engine is to track and analyze the depth of the keywords of the content web. That way Google can display search results that are relevant to what the searcher is needed.

Displayed by Google is a portion keyword right in their eyes (engine Google), keywords are dominant but not excessive.

Then how much depth the right keywords in Google's eyes? This question is difficult to answer, but from the experience and testimony SEO practitioners to a depth article as long as 300 words keyword suggestion is 4 to 6 times the emergence or 1-2%. This amount does not include LSI keywords.

For now, the SEO article writing tips friendly above can still apply. I am confident for the next few years is still valid in view of keywords is an important part of how Google works.